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Practice Areas

Our Boutique firm offers a variety of specialized legal services to select permanent clients, alongside legal representation on a case-to-case basis. Scroll down to find out more.

Corporate legal counsel

Extensive experience in providing ongoing legal services to corporations and dealing with varied legal issues linked to corporate governance and regulation. Particular specialization in corporate law and governance, contract law, tenders, HR, and corporate secretarial services.

Judge and Gavel

Civil & administrative litigation

Over 25 years of experience in civil and administrative litigation before courts at all levels, including the Supreme Court.

Banking law & regulation

Extensive experience in banking law and regulation, including international regulations such as FATCA, CRS, and GDPR, following a long period of membership in a legal team providing continuing legal counsel to a financial institution. Such professional knowledge would benefit financial institutions, private entities, and individual clients.

Stacks of Coins
Discussion With Two People

Public tenders

Expertise in tender law, following many years of work with statutory and public corporations as a legal advisor, tender committee member, and litigator. Substantial experience in drafting and handling high-value tenders in varied fields, including civil engineering and infrastructure, logistical services, contractor engagements, cyber and technology, and more.

Non-profit organizations

Years of practical experience representing NPOs (voluntary organizations and public benefit companies). Extensive knowledge of NPO regulations and procedures. Deep understanding of the unique regulatory restrictions applicable to business activities in non-profit organizations.

Holding Hands
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Real estate

Client ​Representation in uncomplicated and complex real estate deals (private and commercial), thorough understating of construction loan projects and other real estate ventures, following several years of work at the legal department of a leading mortgage bank.

Legal ethics

Substantial familiarity with legal ethics, following eighteen years of membership in the Jerusalem district and national ethics committees of the Israel Bar Association.

Reviewing the Laws

Notary Services and Durable Powers of Attorney

Assaf Niv is a Notary Public and certified translator from Arabic to Hebrew. He also has extensive experience translating legal documents from English into Hebrew.

Assaf is certified by the Ministry of Justice - Administrator General's office to draft and verify durable powers of attorney.

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