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Permanent, Comprehensive, Multi-Disciplinary Legal Advice

Having specialized for 22 years in the civil and commercial sector, I founded the firm in 2019. My previous experience included providing legal services to select customers, such as banks, public benefit companies, commercial companies, and statutory corporations. After a ten-year partnership at a Jerusalem law firm, I felt the time was ripe to establish my own independent practice.

​The firm's activities focus on providing permanent multi-disciplinary services to commercial and non-profit corporations. I maintain that a permanent legal advisor must be intimately acquainted with clients' core businesses, thus comprehensively understanding their day-to-day needs. Tailoring the legal advice to their goals and requirements allows for continuous highest-level consultation at any time.

​I perceive my role as a permanent legal advisor as reaching beyond mere law practice. A dependable legal advisor should be a confidant, accompanying the corporation and its managers every day. He should be available to offer the answers, advice, and legal guidance, required to support a proper organizational decision-making process.​My firm offers legal advice in various areas, including contract law, labor law, tender law, and others. It  puts emphasis on availability and an understanding of the client's practices and organizational structure, whether a public benefit company providing informal education or a business enterprise offering IT services. Legal advice aims to assist managers and decision-makers in addressing complex challenges (such as procurement and complex transactions) and straightforward issues that require quick and practical feedback.

The firm's leading permanent customers include a large tourism organizer, a public benefit company developing informal education initiatives, a prominent IT corporation, and an acclaimed research institute.

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